March 11, 2021

Issue 24 – Fly Like an Eagle

In the mid-1970s, The Steve Miller Band’s song, Fly Like an Eagle, rose to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 before the public moved on to other matters. However, when British singer-songwriter Seal covered it 20 years later, the song soared to #10 and was a hit again. While the general public has been preoccupied with concerns from COVID-19 over the last year, the rollout of worldwide vaccinations has begun to quell many fears. The business aviation industry looks to soar once again, increasing potential for a return to broad-based flying, especially in the latter half of this year.

In this issue, Sheryl Barden, President & CEO of API and one of the industry’s most acknowledged experts on all things people, shares her insights on the ever-evolving world of the business aviation workplace.

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