May 6, 2021

Issue 28 – Gotta Get Back in Time

Huey Lewis’ hit, Back in Time, and the film that it’s from, Back to the Future, helped give us that retro feel when they came out nearly 40 years ago. They are now retro themselves which perhaps makes us even more nostalgic than they originally intended, especially as we experienced COVID-19 taking so many of the simpler things away from us, like gatherings. As aviation and the population move forward, we’re gearing up for the return of in-person meetings and events like our 2021 JETNET iQ Summit. This year’s event promises to be an intimate gathering of a virtual Who’s Who in business aviation, September 15–16, 2021, at the neo-retro, super swanky TWA Hotel at JFK. Join industry leaders who are creating the future of business flight. Join this important and special gathering. This will be a Summit to remember.

In this issue, the market sentiment is looking positive from our JETNET iQ Q1 2021 Global Business Aviation Survey results.

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