JETNET iQ Summit

JETNET iQ Summits are speaker forums on current and emerging developments in the industry, along with high-profile networking opportunities.

Summits bring together titans of the business aviation industry—in fields as diverse as finance, manufacturing, supply, and data analysis—along with sales and marketing executives who seek an unvarnished take on the current state and future direction of aviation. These annual events feature networking opportunities, and an all-day program featuring industry speakers and panelists, as well as targeted workshops.

JETNET iQ Summits include:

  • Presentation of the latest JETNET iQ research results
  • Industry leaders’ intelligence and predictions
  • Results from JETNET iQ’s independent quarterly intelligence reports and metrics
  • Economic and industry analyses
  • Aircraft owner/operator survey results
  • Delivery and fleet forecasts

JETNET iQ staff share insights from JETNET iQ’s proprietary survey database, with information from more than 12,000 owner/operator respondents from 129 countries. This is the largest on-going research of customer sentiment available in the business aviation industry.

Visit the JETNET iQ website for more information.

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