Improve your ability to effectively price and compare aircraft in the resale market with JETNET Values. Values offers subscribers greater insight into aircraft values by presenting actual reported sold prices on aircraft transactions, as well as tools for better synthesis and analysis of pricing data. JETNET Values is an add-on service available to JETNET Evolution Marketplace and Marketplace Manager subscribers.

JETNET Values builds on a confidential network of hundreds of aviation professionals, which provides JETNET with thousands of displayable aircraft reported sales prices each year. JETNET is validating new suppliers, models, and sold prices daily. Values helps our clients analyze individual or multiple aircraft simultaneously across key factors that impact resale values. JETNET Values, coupled with our Marketplace Manager program, elevates aviation analysis to the highest level available in the industry. Marketplace Manager with Values allows you to combine JETNET market intelligence with your expertise to craft and save proprietary strategies for your business needs.


High-quality valuations require high-quality data and dynamic valuation methodologies. Developed in collaboration with Asset Insight, LLC, eValues adds mark-to-market and projected residual values for a wide range of business aircraft. eValues, appearing within aircraft sales price intelligence, uses the same methods, techniques, and processes an aircraft appraiser would use to electronically calculate Current Market Values and Estimated Residual Values, while taking into account real-time aircraft transaction data and aircraft-specific maintenance status information. eValues allows you to update key aircraft data as required, and receive updated eValues figures. Current Market Values and 60-month Estimated Residual Value figures produced by eValues, when combined with JETNET’s Reported Sold Prices and key historical market data, create a unique, single-source valuation platform.

Subscribers to JETNET Values will have access to:

  • Reported Sold Prices and eValues at the serial number level
  • Sale price summaries to enhance market sales trends intelligence
  • Tools for editing, storing, and summarizing data within Marketplace Manager
  • eValues that automatically reflect market conditions, aircraft feature changes, specs, and flight activity
  • eValues that include 60-month Estimated Residual Values by serial number or fleet
  • Valuation tools to compare and contrast aircraft

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